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Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog!


I am so excited to start my blog. For those who know me, know I enjoy moving my body in every way possible with fitness. One thing you I have not shared enough about is my other passion, food. Food is a gift, so do” We Live To Eat” or…”Eat To live?” Well  for myself because I enjoy good tasty food so much, I Live To Eat, though I understand I need good food to survive and stay healthy. Thats OK, I’m just like you, I will not pretend I only crave healthy foods that bring nutritional value to my well-being. It’s a challenge everyday, look around you we are set to fail with all these temptations around us, don’t be so hard on yourself. But let’s stay positive, why not have it all? It all comes down to moderation, satisfying your cravings and understanding why does Primary Foods effective your health and food choices, which I will talk more about in future blogs. I will not give you a list of foods you should not have, you already know whats not very valuable to your health which can make you gain weight and increase other health risks. Why not incorporated foods that can help you to stop craving those sugars and flours? Why do you grab that chocolate bar after a long hard run or workout in the morning,  what is your body needing? Listen to your body! Lets think…could it be that you believe you worked out so hard that you have earned that candy bar or that your body is simple craving sugar? Give yourself a break it’s ok…Start by understanding your cravings. Substitute, TRY healthier natural sweets, like your favorite fruits chopped up (if needed with small spoon of whip cream or dash of fudge or even my favorite 1 spoon of granola for crunch) or healthy smoothie with a tea spoon of coconut oil and handful of spinach. Plain yogurt and berries are delicious too, or sweet vegetables, carrots, yams, sweet potatoes. Find what your mind and tastebuds enjoy, but most importantly be realistic with your time, prepare your meals in advance to help your be successful and to feed your body healthy after that hard workout and to fulfill the cravings.

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