Weight Loss Tips

Tips On How To Lose Weight

1. Sleep More

Research suggest at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep disrupts circadian rhythms and can lead to inefficient body regulation of energy balance,  metabolism, and appetite. Abnormal leptin & Ghrelin levels-hormones that let your body know you are full and to stop eating.


2. Exercise Your Mind and Body

Strive to be active at least 30 minutes every day to help keep your body strong and lean. Even chasing your kids around the in the park or gardening will keep your body active. Exercise is very beneficial to both mind and body, decreasing body weight, lower resting heart rate and blood pressure and it boosts your mood! Help boost your brainpower by spending time thinking positive, meditating or practicing activities that require deep thoughts like reading.


3. Drink Water

Hunger is often confused with dehydration, try drinking water before grabbing a snack. Drinking water before meals can help promote weight loss, and studies show that those who drink 1-2 glasses of water before meals feel fuller and eat less. Aim for 8 glasses of water a day, more if your very active that day or weather is hot outside, and take in or more or less water, depending on individual body weight.


4. Eat Real Carbs

Replace all your favorite refined carbohydrates like white bread, pasta and cereal, with the good complex carbohydrates like fruit, vegetables, whole grains nuts, seeds, and my favorite legumes. Complex carbs are also packed with antioxidants help reduce inflammation in the body. Think about eating foods in it’s most natural forms. Start simple, replace your white rice that’s been refined and striped from its nutrients with brown rice taken straight from the plant, complete with fiber and phytonutrients.


5. Choose Heathy Fats

The body utilizes dietary fat for energy, healthy hair, skin, nails, vitamins absorption, and normal everyday bodily functions. Good fats promotes several health benefits such as protection against heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s  and depression as well as reduced blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Choose good fats such as nuts, seeds, fish, avocado,  extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and sesame seed oil.


6. Eat Breakfast

Start your day with a hearty breakfast, boost up your metabolism and have more control over your cravings throughout the day. When you first start your day with a good healthy fuel breakfast you snack less and make less poor choices. Studies repeatedly show daily breakfast consumption is associated with maintaining a healthy weight.


7. Eat More Frequently

It’s important to balance your food intake throughout the day to help maintain normal blood sugar and decrease the chance of binging when hunger strikes. Feed your body on a regular basis lets it know food is available and it’s okay to burn energy rather than conserve and store it as fat.


8.   Lean Protein

Your bodies require protein to continuously renew and replenish our cells, stabilize our blood sugar, and give us energy.Our bodies are literally made out of the amino acids that make up proteins and our food.Many foods contain protein, but the richest source include animal products like meat, dairy, eggs, and fish as well as plant sources like beans, nuts, and seeds. Organic Grass fed is the best healthier choice for beef and chicken. Vegetarians can choose  organic yogurts, cage– free eggs, tofu, tempeh, peanut butter.


9  Learn to Cook and Count Your Calories

Cooking your meals allow you to have more control over size of  your portion and the quality of ingredients you put in your food. Avoid frying,  learn how to roast and bake your foods. Eating more raw food also helps to cut down on calorie, try juicing or making a tasty smoothie. Also experiment in herbs and spices and reduce salt intake.


10. Keep track of what you eat

Learn to check labels, watch out  for the number servings. Look out for trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, (found in dressing) and any long chemical names you can not pronounce are a big no-no. My favorite app to use is MyFitnessPal, helps me count my calories, I use it everyday!

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SuperFoods, Super Life!

Superfood, Super Life.

Learning more more about our foods that are good for us, it really goes back to our how our ancestry used to eat. Consuming the nutrient all natural, walking the earth instinctively eating plants, herbs, fruits, grains and minerals giving their bodies the necessary nutrients that are recommended for us today. We call them SuperFoods, providing us with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, endurance, longevity, natural vitamins, mineral, healing and even curing diseases. (Please consult with your doctor before taking any supplements or superfoods into your diet if you have any medical issues or a strict diet.)  From my own experience with Superfood this is my new high, my energy level is off the chart and headaches have been less frequent,  I feel amazing!

What are Superfoods, and where will find them?

We are very fortunate, we don’t need to go through the jungle or woods or even grow our own crops to get Superfoods. For us today we can get them from our natural Whole Foods stores, Sprouts, Lassen and farmers markets.
Superfoods can be in powdered form creating delicious great morning or afternoon smoothie meals or taken as a vitamin supplement pill form.

Top 10 SuperFoods and tonic herbs

1. Cacao (raw chocolate)the seed/nut from tree
The highest antioxidant food on the planet, the number 1 source of an antioxidant, magnesium, iron and manganese and chromium. Raw chocolate improves cardiovascular health, build strong bones, elevates your mood and energy, increases longevity and is a natural aphrodisiac.

2. Goji Berries (Wolf-berries)
Goji Berries is a 5,000 year ancient Chinese medicine used for longevity, strength building and a high potency food. This amazing superfood has 18 different kinds of amino acids and eight essential amino acids, up to 21 traces of minerals, high amounts of antioxidants, iron and polysaccharide, B and E vitamins and many more other nutrients.

3. Maca
This superfood helps increase energy, endurance strength, and libido. Dried Maca powder contains more than 10% of protein and nearly 20 amino acids including seven essential amino acids.

4. Spirulina
This amazing superfood is the highest source of complete protein (65%.) Spirulina is a Primordial food, increases our internal product of stem cells and is a vital superfood.

5. Cama Berry
This superfood is the highest vitamin C source on the planet, and is great at rebuilding tissue, purifying blood and enhancing immunity and energy. This berry is the best antidepressant, immune building, and eye-nourishing superfoods in the world.

6. Tamarac Herb
A wonderful super herb food, Tamarac. Main ingredient in Tamarac is Curcumin. Tamarac helps with anti-inflammatory which originates the problem of diseases and toxins build up, a great antioxidant, can help prevent and perhaps even treat cancer. Improves brain function and lowers risk of Brain disease as Alzheimer’s, lowers risk of heart disease, helps arthritis and a great antidepressants. Helps delay aging and help fight age-related chronic diseases, this herb helps overall with longevity. Put some in your foods and smoothies. Please consult with your doctor for any medical issues that may not allow you to take such an herb.

7. Beets or Beet Juice
This Superfood has shown to boost the nitric oxide levels, helping your body with the improving natural energy, support health blood pressure levels and promote improved stamina. This vegetable is wonderful to incorporate in your meals, beverage or smoothies.

8. Bee products(Honey, Pollen and Propolis)
Honey is known to be the most complete food found in nature. Bee pollen contains nearly all B vitamins, especially vitamin B9 (folate) and all 21 is essential amino acids, The perfect protein. Rich with minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, and enzymes. If your body can metabolism and can handle sweetener, honey is the best, please consult with your doctor.

9. Chlorella
This superfood will boost your energy, support fat loss. This is a freshwater algae. Other benefits – help support your immune system, look younger, fight cancer, lower your blood sugar and cholesterol as well as detoxifies heavy metal, radiation and chemotherapy, as well as lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

10. Mint Herb
European originated herb, this superfood helps with digestion, acne, pain, cough and cold, immunity, stress, oral health, allergies, cancer and even morning sickness. This herb is low in calories, and contains a small amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Mint can be found in local grocery stores as peppermint and spearmint, is also known as a strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. A great ingredient to add to your salad, soups, even a peppermint vanilla smoothie. I grow my own mint in my in a pot due to the strong roots they will grow out of control through the other grass landscape areas.

Other wonderful SuperFoods and ingredients ideals to add to you heathy Superfood smoothie …Add as many ingredients as you wish, not all is necessary.

Teaspoon of coconut oil
coconut water
Almond milk (non sweeten)
Fresh or frozen fruits( light handful)
Vanilla or chocolate protein powder( Arbonne is my favorite)
Handful of spinach
Fiber powder from Arbonne

While learning about your body, listen and see how your body feels and reacts while you are experimenting and enjoying Superfoods. Do you feel more energized, are you more alert, less bloating in you abdominal area, are your sinuses improving, are headaches better or less frequent? Remember, everybody’s body responds differently, so it is important to understand how your body is feeling with these different foods and ingredients. Make any necessary changes as you learn about what your body needs and enjoys incorporating Superfoods in your daily life.  If needed, please consult your doctor with any current health diets restrictions you may have before adding your Superfoods.

For any more information on individual Health Coaching, please contact us at 805.409.9433, Victoria.pilatesbodyart@gmail.com

Life’s Pleasures


Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog!


I am so excited to start my blog. For those who know me, know I enjoy moving my body in every way possible with fitness. One thing you I have not shared enough about is my other passion, food. Food is a gift, so do” We Live To Eat” or…”Eat To live?” Well  for myself because I enjoy good tasty food so much, I Live To Eat, though I understand I need good food to survive and stay healthy. Thats OK, I’m just like you, I will not pretend I only crave healthy foods that bring nutritional value to my well-being. It’s a challenge everyday, look around you we are set to fail with all these temptations around us, don’t be so hard on yourself. But let’s stay positive, why not have it all? It all comes down to moderation, satisfying your cravings and understanding why does Primary Foods effective your health and food choices, which I will talk more about in future blogs. I will not give you a list of foods you should not have, you already know whats not very valuable to your health which can make you gain weight and increase other health risks. Why not incorporated foods that can help you to stop craving those sugars and flours? Why do you grab that chocolate bar after a long hard run or workout in the morning,  what is your body needing? Listen to your body! Lets think…could it be that you believe you worked out so hard that you have earned that candy bar or that your body is simple craving sugar? Give yourself a break it’s ok…Start by understanding your cravings. Substitute, TRY healthier natural sweets, like your favorite fruits chopped up (if needed with small spoon of whip cream or dash of fudge or even my favorite 1 spoon of granola for crunch) or healthy smoothie with a tea spoon of coconut oil and handful of spinach. Plain yogurt and berries are delicious too, or sweet vegetables, carrots, yams, sweet potatoes. Find what your mind and tastebuds enjoy, but most importantly be realistic with your time, prepare your meals in advance to help your be successful and to feed your body healthy after that hard workout and to fulfill the cravings.

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